My approach to shooting photos is simple. We all have in us a unique personality. And yet, in so many headshots, the personality that we see in the photograph is that of someone else. It isnt' real. It isn't unique. It's forced.

When we are acting, hosting, performing, or just being real — there is a time we call the "offbeat." This is that moment in which we relax. It is in this precious moment when we are truly real and our true personality comes out. The stillness behind the eyes and in the face is revealed and our true, unique personality shines through.

It is in this moment that my shutter is depressed and the image is captured.

My photography captures your true personality. Your photos will be honest. They will be sincere. They will be unique. They will be you.
Having a presence on the internet is no longer optional. A pro has a consistent look across all their marketing materials - this includes their website.

Simply putting your photos on a service such as Actor's Access is not enough. Extend your brand (that's YOU) and have a website that compliments your other marketing materials.

When shooting your headshots, I will shoot photos specifically designed for your website and then I'll build you a website for a cost that next to nothing. Click here to find out what packages are available.
Business cards and postcards are essential to marketing yourself. Remember, you are the product.

When you have something to announce, getting the word out to casting directors, producers, agents, and directors is a necessity. During your headshot session, I will take photos specifically targeted for the design of your business card and postcard.

You will come away with the photos you need to create any of these marketing materials.